Episode Fourteen: Unconscious Bias with Tony Chatman


This week I sat down with author, speaker and recognized thought leader Tony Chatman to talk about unconscious or implicit bias.  Tony helped me to understand what an unconscious bias is, how to tell what yours may be (because everyone has them) and how to check and challenge our unconscious biases.  He also helped me to understand what happens when, as a society, we don't start to recognize and counter our unconscious biases.

In this episode Tony and I both referenced an online test to see what your implicit biases might be.  You can go here to find more information and take an implicit bias test.

I also mentioned on the episode that I use social media to help me follow and engage with different types of people.  On twitter and instagram this week I'll be sharing some of my favorite follows in this category.  Check A Year of Listening's instagram and twitter feeds for that info.  (And also, follow A Year of Listening on the socials!!)

I highly encourage you to check out Tony's webpage and to follow him on twitter, instagram and facebook!  And read his book The Force Multiplier!

Also mentioned on the show:

Authentic Christianity by Ray Stedman