Episode Thirteen: Veteran Care and Suicide Prevention with Boone Cutler


This week I chatted with Boone Cutler, a veteran, radio host, author, and creator of the Spartan Pledge, a pledge for Warfighters designed to combat the epidemic of veteran suicide.  In this conversation we discussed suicide prevention among vets, medical care for veterans and the "Warfighter mentality."  He also explained some new ways of thinking about PTSD among those in the Warfighter community.  It was an illuminating conversation for me, one that informed and reframed how I think about the Warfighter community.

Find information about Boone on his website.  Connect with him on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  Information about The Spartan Pledge.

Check out Boone's book Voodoo in Sadr City.

Also discussed in the show:

The Art of War by Sun Tzu (Denma translation)

Ken Burns: America Lives (Elizabeth Cady Stanton documentary)