Episode Fifty-Three: Depolarizing Politics with David Lapp


This week’s guest will give you hope for the state of politics in this country.  My guest today is David Lapp, co-founder of Better Angles, an organization determined to depolarize politics in our country.  Better Angels hosts Red and Blue workshops around the country with the goal of promoting respectful dialogue and better understanding between the two political parties.  David and I talked about what is needed to depolarize politics today, surprising things that have happened in his workshops and why it’s worth it to stay in these conversations even when they are messy.

To learn more about David and Better Angels head to his website Better Angels USA and follow the organization on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  

Year of Action Charge:  Find someone who is on the other side of the aisle politically from you and have a conversation.  Work towards respect and connection and stay in it as best you can.  Don’t try to change each other’s mind, just try to hear each other well.  We can do this.

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