Episode Eighteen: Empowerment and Equality are Not Zero Sum Games with Jennifer Iannolo


This week's guest is Jennifer Iannolo, a speaker, entrepreneur, and all around go-getter who sat down with me to discuss empowerment, equality and equity.  Jennifer is the founder of the Concordia Project, a non-profit designed to disrupt the conversation about empowerment through think tanks, salon dinners and global studies.  Jennifer has a new way of thinking about empowerment that focuses on self-direction and empowerment for everyone freely.  There isn't a limited amount of power that we're passing off between each other.  What I appreciated most about this conversation was that it addressed the growing concern I have about the effect our current dialogue about empowerment is effecting young boys.  In man ways this conversation furthers the one that Melissa Agnes and I had a few months ago.


Find out more about Jennifer on her website.  And check out The Concordia Project and consider how you might get involved with this incredible work!  You can find Jennifer on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.


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