Episode Nine: Gun Control


On this week's episode I am talking with Mark Olson a formal naval officer and Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran about the issue of gun control.  Mark is a gun owner whose perspective includes a good understanding of the history of the second amendment and gun control thus far, as well as the bigger picture of gun violence beyond the mass shootings that garner the most media attention.  

This conversation was recorded before the most recent deaths in Parkland, FL but will still be incredibly timely.  I really appreciated the way Mark gave insight into the mindset of law abiding gun owners as well as provided some ideas to advocate for real change surrounding gun control and gun violence.  After our conversation I include some thoughts from Mark in light of the recent events in Parkland, so listen to the end to hear what I think is incredibly applicable suggestions for people who want to move the ball forward on gun control as this discussion progresses post Parkland.

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