Episode Forty-Two: What I Learned Year One


It's the last episode of the year and this time it's just me behind the mic! I’m sharing what I’ve learned this year by having polarizing conversations on the podcast.  What greater truths about how to have these conversations well have I discovered? And what is the most important thing I learned this year? I also share some of my episode superlatives and what's ahead for A Year of Listening.

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who listened this year! You all have made this project so meaningful. Thank you, too, to all my guests. I recently found myself as a guest on a podcast, defending my own polarizing issue and it gave me a whole new appreciate for what it’s like for the people who come on the podcast out of the goodness of their hearts to engage in these challenging topics. It’s not easy! So thank you so much to everyone who came and put themselves out there for us!