Episode Five: The Opioid/Overdose Epidemic with Christopher Moraff


On today's episode I sat down with Christopher Moraff, a Philadelphia based reporter who has spent the past year immersion reporting on the opioid crisis.  Chris and I discussed our nation's approach to attacking the supply side of drug addiction at the cost of treating the demand side, the use of Medication Assisted Treatment programs as a counter to abstinence based rehab in treating opioid addiction and Philadelphia's ground breaking announcement last week regarding supervised injection sites.  We also talked about rethinking how we as a nation think about drugs.

Connect with Chris on Twitter @cmoraff.


Discussed on today's episode:

This is the article Chris wrote about supervised injection sites in Philly.

Short story author John Cheever

Short story author T.C. Boyle 

Short story author Paul Bowles