Hello!  Welcome to my new site!  I used to blog at www.barefootwithoutacause.blogspot.com.  Some of the best things I've written are hanging out over there and I invite you to check it out.  The stuff I'm most proud of is what I've written about grief and grieving, our journey with Liam's hearing loss, and essays regarding social justice.  I've posted the five  most popular posts from Barefoot Without a Cause here at the new site (and backdated them to reflect when they were posted at Barefoot Without A Cause).  These essays were the most read, and give you a good sense about some of the biggest events our family has encountered in the past few years.  I've also included all my post from Barefoot Without A Cause from this past May until today so people coming here for the first time have a sense of what I blog about.

From here on out I'll post here at colleenkpowell.com/blog/.  You can subscribe by email on the homepage to get new posts right in your inbox.  Thank you for reading!